VX-3 Vacuum Valve


  • Fully automatic vacuum valve
      — with manual option

  • Controls fourdrinier drainage box vacuum

  • Made of only the highest quality materials

  • Valve design is simple, reliable
      and easy to maintain

  • All parts are CNC machined to
      guarantee absolute precision

  • Low initial cost and extremely low maintenance

  • Easy to install, and even easier to maintain

  • Completely sealed drive motor eliminates
      the issue of water damage
  • VX-3 Vacuum Valve


    • SS-316 Stainless Steel Body
        — Lasts longer in a corrosive environment
        — More industrial look

    • Direct Bolted Front Plate
        — Added reliability
        — Easy access to internal parts

    • Flush Mounted Spur Gear
        — For manual operation

    • Valve Position Viewfinder
        — Easy viewing of the valve core position

    • SS-316 Core Cover
        — Easily removes build-up inside the valve

    • Covered Magnet
        — Extended magnet life and reliability

    • Core Cover Scraper
        — Removes build-up on the inlet side

    • Ceramic Impregnated UHMW Core
        — More stable
        — Better wear characteristics

    • On Body Valve Vent
        — Prevents build-up on core teeth

    • Spring-loaded Core (2 Springs)
        — Minimizes binding and overloading
          of the stepper motor

    • Single Center Pin
        — Easier maintenance.
        — Eliminates the need to access the back
          of the valve to remove the front cover

    • SS-316 Support Plate and UHMW Back Gasket
        — Easier maintenance
        — Better vacuum seal

    • Multi-task Stepper Motor
        — Both vent and non-vent features available
        — Only requires 110 volt and 4 – 20ma input

    VX-3 Vacuum Valve